I had good intentions of making a tradition of sharing my favorite books with you each year. The end of 2021 got away from me, but a friend encouraged me that it’s not too late to share my favorites. Maybe this will actually work out better since the flood of favorite books has long disappeared from all of our feeds!

I read 25 books last year (other than the Bible), which was right on target with my goal. I read 36 books in 2020, and I felt like that was too many. I wanted to spend more time in 2021 reading the Bible and writing words of my own. I was happy with how I divided my time reading God’s Word, writing, and reading other books in 2021. My Bible study time was fruitful, and I wrote another whole book of my own in five months! (That book will release in March. Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates!)

Out of the 25 books I read last year, there were eight books that I felt led to share with you. Maybe one of these recommendations will find its place on your own bookshelf this year.

Favorite devotional

I don’t read many devotionals; I prefer to spend my Bible reading time actually reading the Bible. However, Encouragement for Women is an incredible devotional that I would highly recommend! I believe there are certain times of our lives when devotionals can be especially beneficial. For a more in depth look at my philosophy on devotionals, check out my blog post, A Guide to Devotionals.

Favorite Book on Bible Study

Women of the Word was one of the first books I read last year, and it was incredibly impactful in my own personal Bible study. Jen Wilkin has a gift for teaching others how to study God’s Word for themselves. If you want to dig deeper into God’s Word this year, this book is for you!

favorite Christian Living Book

Sally Clarkson’s newly released book, Help, I’m Drowning, was an incredible encouragement in my own personal life. We will all face storms in our lives, and the level to which we are prepared will make all the difference in how we make it through. Sally shares the wisdom she has learned over the decades and provides encouragement to anchor our hope in Jesus, the One who can calm the storm and see us through.

Favorite Fiction book

Even if John Suter wasn’t a personal friend, Brett Wilson and Coronado’s Door would be the fiction book I would recommend to you this year. This middle grade adventure novel is a fun read for the whole family laced with vivid descriptions that will be sure to draw you into the story.

Favorite Biographical Book

The Hiding Place is a narrative nonfiction book that tells the story of Corrie Ten Boom and the way in which God used her family during the Holocaust. Reading about her faith in spite of persecution encouraged my heart and strengthened my own faith. I believe it will encourage you in your faith as well.

Favorite Book on Writing

Letters from the Mountain is easily my favorite writing book of all time. This compilation of letters from author Ben Palpant to his daughter felt like personal mentorship in my writing life. This book is a guide to those who not only wish to write well, but to live well. I only wish I had read it sooner. Ben has a gift for encouragement, and I’m sure this book will encourage your heart as it did mine.

Favorite Book on the Home

Welcome Home by Myquillyn Smith has completely changed the way that I decorate. This may seem insignificant, but the reality is her simple approach to decorating and hosting for the seasons has made me love my home more than ever before while spending less time on it than ever before. If you’re craving a simpler approach to home decor, this one is for you.

Favorite Parenting Book

Parenting a toddler has honestly been a terrifying experience. The sense of responsibility for the person my daughter will become has been daunting. Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson has infused me with confidence to direct my daughter on the path God has for her life. I’ll be coming back to this book again and again.


Now it’s your turn! What were your favorite books this year? Tell me in the comments!


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Most of you know by now that I wrote a book this year, but I also read 33 books (and counting) this year. I wanted to take some time to share some of my favorites with you. Maybe you’re looking for a book to enjoy over the Christmas season, or you’re looking for a gift for a book lover in your life. Either way, I hope I can recommend something helpful!

My Bible

I know this one is obvious, but I have specifically enjoyed using a journaling Bible this year. I’ve always made little notes in the margins of my Bible, and it’s so nice to have a Bible with wide, lined margins. If you’re looking for a new Bible, I would highly recommend one like this. I have this one. I also recently did a giveaway for a journaling Bible, so if you had your eye on that one you can find it here.

Favorite Book on Technology

I want to mention this one early on because you may be wondering how I had time to read 33 books this year, and publish a book, and move cross country, and parent a baby. The key is that I spent 75% less time on my phone this year than I did last year. Phone addiction is real, and I would guess that almost everyone struggles with it at least a little bit. I read several books on this subject this year, but if you can only choose one I would recommend The Tech-Wise Family. This book is primarily written from a parenting standpoint, but sometimes as adults we need to parent ourselves and put boundaries in place for our own good. This book is written from a Christian standpoint, and I highly recommend it as a good starting point to put technology in its proper place in your own life.

Favorite Classic Novel

I love reading classics. It’s probably the genre I’m most familiar with. So I was surprised when my friend recommended a classic that I had never heard of. Scaramouche is a romance set in the period of the French Revolution. I don’t want to say too much, because this book has so many delightful plot twists I would be afraid of spoiling something. If you even remotely like classics, do yourself a favor and read this one.

Favorite Biography

During the time that our library was closed due to COVID, I resorted to reading every book on our shelves that I had never gotten around to reading. I know I’ve had To the Golden Shore since high school, but I suppose its length intimidated me. This is the biography of Adoniram Judson, missionary to Burma. I absolutely love the history of missions, and this book was so incredibly well written and captivating I wished I had read it sooner. Even though it’s a longer book, I read it extremely quickly because I just couldn’t put it down!

Favorite New Release

I am always excited for a new release from Robin Jones Gunn, and Being Known was not a disappointment. I tried to make it last, but I’m pretty sure I read it in a week. If you’re looking for a fiction book that will also encourage you in your walk with the Lord and your relationships with others, this is a great choice. It’s the second book in the Haven Makers series with Becoming Us being the first. I’m hoping there will be news of a third book soon!

Favorite Book on Motherhood

The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson was one of the first books I picked up from the library this year. When I read it, my baby was about four months old. Those early days of sleepless nights are overwhelming, but this book was an encouragement to me to keep pressing forward in the strength of the Lord. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, this book will be an encouragement to you.

Favorite Fantasy Novel

Somehow I always grouped science fiction and fantasy into the same genre (don’t ask me why; I know it doesn’t make sense). For the record, I’m not a fan of science fiction. But it occurred to me this year that I actually do love fantasy, and some of my favorite novels have been fantasy novels. I would say that The Hobbit is easily in my top three fiction books of all time. If you haven’t read this delightful tale yet, I highly recommend it.

On Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a topic that I really don’t enjoy talking about, but I feel like I would be wasting a gift God has given me if I didn’t do everything I could for others walking this difficult road. I’ve read multiple books on the topic of miscarriage, but the one I’m currently reading, Held, has been such an encouragement. Whether your miscarriage occurred a week ago or a decade ago, this resource will be a blessing in helping you biblically process your grief.


I hope this will give you a starting point for some great books to add to your own collection in the new year. I would love to hear from you as well! What were some of your favorite books this year? You can tell me in the comments on Facebook or Instagram!


The links on this page are affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.