I hate change. But life seems to be full of change, whether I invite it or not. I mostly escaped change for the first eighteen years of my life. I lived in the same house, went to the same church and school, and often ate the same foods every single day. The first major change in my life came when I moved from Tennessee to California to attend West Coast Baptist College. In the midst of that overwhelming change, I met the One who never changes.

It was during my sophomore year of college that I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Since that time, I have clung to the stability of my unchanging God in this ever-changing world.

Following graduation from college, I married my husband, Steven. We packed up all my belongings that were still at the house I grew up in and I once again made a cross country move, this time from Tennessee to Utah.

We spent three and a half wonderful years in Utah where my husband served as a children’s pastor. We welcomed our first child into the world there. Then God changed our plans once again, and I found myself making one more cross country move. This time, the move was from Utah back to Tennessee where my husband is now serving as a youth pastor.

Life is so very unpredictable (especially now that it includes a one-year-old), but I know that my God will always be the same. It’s in my time with Him that I find the strength I need for each day. My hope and prayer is that He will use my words to encourage your heart and help you find stability in Him, no matter what life changes you may be facing. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.